Derek’s Back Massage -E5

Hollie: “Ok…I’m going to start.”

Dez: “Why are yi starting there? WHY the fuck do yi nae supply towels?”

Hollie: “Because you’d never need one?”
Dez: “Mmm…the pain is higher…”

Hollie: “You mean lower…”
Hollie: “You have a really nice ass…”

Dez: “Ok….”
Dez: “Ughhh….ughhh….”

Hollie: “Is that nice?”

Dez: “Mmm”
Hollie: “I’m going to insert more fingers…”

Dez: “Ughhhhhh.”
Dez: “Ughh ughhh ughhhh wow wow mmmm.”

Hollie: “Someone is happy…nice and hard now.”

Dez: “Ughhh.”
Dez: “Ughhh…oh my God…”

Hollie: “Would you like to turn around and enjoy some from the front?”

Dez: “Yes.”

Hollie: “It’s yes please, mistress.”

Dez: “Mmm, yes please mistress.”
Hollie: “Just look at that cock…that is impressive.”

Dez: “Mmm.”

Hollie: “I like the look of this cock.”

Dez: “Thank you Mistress.”

Hollie: “Oh good boy.”

Dez: “Ugh…mmm.”

Hollie: “I want to get that cock really hard…then suck it. Would you like that?”

Dez: “Yes please Mistress.”
Dez: “Ughhhhh…FU…UUCK…”

Hollie: “Do you like it?”

Dez: “Yes mistress.”

Hollie: “Do you want my pussy?”

Dez: “Mmmmm…mmmm.”

Hollie: “You are being such a good boy.”

Dez: “Yes mistress.”
Hollie: “Good boy, fuck me harder…faster…faster…”

Dez: “I am going to cum…”

Hollie: “Not without permission you’re not.”

Dez: “Please Mistress.”

Hollie: “No.”

Hollie: “Please what?”

Dez: “Please let me cum.”

Hollie: “No…not yet…keep begging.”

Dez: “Mmm…please please mistress can I cum?”
Hollie: “Ughhhh yessss yesssss mmmm.”

Dez: “Oh God…please please I need ti cum…please Mistress”

Hollie: “Go.”

Dez: “Ughhhhhhhhhhhh oh fuck….fuck…mmmm.”

Published by scottmacaskill31

Hi, I am a Writer and will be sharing my story here. I have been writing for 8 months and I rather enjoy it, so I hope you enjoy my work.

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