Derek & Persephonie – E12

Seph: “Aww Derek…why are you so good to me.”

Dez: “Haha, ask myself the same thing everyday.”
Dez: “Ughhhhm…fuck…”
Seph: “Be mine.”

Dez: “Thought I wis.”

Dez: “Aww yesss….go deep please ma’am.”

Seph: “Hmmm not sure you’ve been a good boy.”
Dez: “Aww…mmmm ughhhh.”

Seph: “Are you gonna cum for me?”

Dez: “Yes Mistress.”

Seph: “Good boy.”
Dez: “Ughhhh ughhhh ughhhhh FUCK…”

Seph: “Yes yes yes yes yes wow…good job!!”

Dez: “Haha.”

Published by scottmacaskill31

Hi, I am a Writer and will be sharing my story here. I have been writing for 8 months and I rather enjoy it, so I hope you enjoy my work.

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