E2- Carry You Home -Greg+Scott

Greg: “Ughhhhhhhhhhhhh….Jesus start slow man.”

Scott: “Haha yer oot O practice.”
Greg: “Ughh…deeper…aw yesss.”

Scott: “Not hurting now is it.”

Greg: “Nah…it’s great…”
Scott: “Been a long time…a long long time.”

Greg: “Yeah…it has…”
Greg: “Yi still like cuffs? I have a pair.”

Scott: “Ah yess….get em.”

Scott: “Ughh….it’s so good, I want you…”

Greg: “Aye?”

Scott: “Aye.”
Scott: “Aghhhhhhhh”

Greg: “Jesus…after the guns and now screaming… yer neighbours better be on holiday.”

Scott: “Get yer hand aaf me.”

Greg: “Oh don’t like being in the sub chair?”
Greg: “Jist gan ti have ti suck it up boy.”

Scott: “Keep dreaming.”
Greg: “Suck it or am leaving.”

Scott: “Fuck off then.”

Greg: “Suck my cock right NOW…”

Scott: “No.”

Greg: “Suck it…or I’ll mak yi suck it.”
Scott: “Ughh….mmm…jist so yi know this is no longer consensual.”

Greg: “Aye and I’m the pope…keep moaning.”

Scott: “Ughh…fuck me harder.”

Greg: “Say it…”

Scott: “Get fucked.”

Greg: “Slow it is then.”

Scott: “Ughhhh…fuck me hard sir.”

Greg: “Haha wish I recorded that.”
Scott: “Ughhh…”

Greg: “This is amazing. Seriously…”
Scott: “Ahhhh….get off.”

Greg: “Haha. Thought yi wanted it hard.”

Scott: “I don’t do this shit to you.”

Greg: “Um…Aye yi did.”
Scott: “Still not sucking yer cock.”

Greg: “Oh if I have ti grab my gun… yer putting my piece in yer mouth.”

Scott: “That’s it…on yer knees.”
Scott: “Suck it…and I’ll suck yours.”

Greg: “Hahahah….no no no.”

Scott: “Then mention the words suck and me in a sentence again, and I’ll put a bullet in yer japs eye.”
Greg: “Ughhhh *climaxes* yes yes yes….ughhhhhhhhhhh.”

Scott: “Oh that sounded good…ugh….”

Greg: “Give mi yer cum.”

Scott: “Ughhhhh…..ughhhhh *climaxes* UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCK”
Scott: “I loved yi dominating me… I’d have sucked yer cock if yi held ti yer guns…. Seriously, I nearly came a few times.”

Greg: “Wait…did I hear that right?”

Scott: “Tell anyone and I’ll have ti kill yi.”

Published by scottmacaskill31

Hi, I am a Writer and will be sharing my story here. I have been writing for 8 months and I rather enjoy it, so I hope you enjoy my work.

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