E6- Tell Me Why -Greg + Kas

Kas: “I love how hard you get for me…”

Greg: “Yeah…yi gonna suck it?”

Kas: “Maybe….”

Greg: “Ughhh….fuck yeah.”

Kas: “Mmm.”

Greg: “This is why we are friends.”
Kas: “You just use me for sex.”

Greg: “Nope…I use yi for this… sex I can take or leave, blowjobs….yes Ma’am.”
Greg: “Gonna let mi fuck yi in the ass?”

Kas: “No…why? Cause you’d rather fuck a guy? I’m not stupid.”

Greg: “Hahaha. I’ll jist tak it as a no.”
Kas: “My alarm…ugh….I have to work in an hour.”

Greg: “Let’s speed this up then.”
Kas: “Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh yessss….”

Greg: “Screamer.”

Kas: “You are good with that cock.”

Greg: “I’ve bin around the block.”

Greg: “Ugh come on….”

Kas: “Mmm…no, my cheeks hurt now.”

Greg: “Turn around. I’ll be quick.”
Greg: “Ohhh… yes…yes…yes….I’m cumming….UGHHHHHHHHH UGH UGH.”

Kas: “Dude…I gotta go.”

Greg: “Haha. So romantic.”

Published by scottmacaskill31

Hi, I am a Writer and will be sharing my story here. I have been writing for 8 months and I rather enjoy it, so I hope you enjoy my work.

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