Episode 2 – Steph, Scott & Lexi

Scott: “Ughh…this is bad.”

Lexi: “It’s bad?”

Scott: “Not you…”

Steph: “This is sooooo good.”
Lexi: “You taste so good…”

Steph: “Come on sugar…bounce for yer daddy.”
Scott: “Yi realise my cock wis just in her mouth…”

Steph: “Haha. I don’t really care right now.”

Scott: “You make me sick.”

Lexi: “Shut up… I had strict rules. This is my playdate.”
Steph: “Ughhhh…yes!!”

Lexi: “Ughh…you boys are so big!!”
Lexi: “Mmmm…..*gagging*”

Steph: “Ugh…I’m gonna finish soon.”

Scott: “Lightweight.”
Scott: “Come on…suck them!!”

Steph: “Deeper…ughhh.”
Scott: “Uhh…yes!!”

Lexi: “Are you finally enjoying yourself big boy?”

Scott: “Oh…it’s like that. You want to be cheeky while I have my cock right up your ass.”

Lexi: “I’m not scared.”

Steph: “I’m gonna cum princess…where do you want it?”
Lexi: “Mmm…the moody big boy is a good kisser too.”

Scott: “What did yi just call me?”

Lexi: “Oospy.”
Steph: “Ugh yes….yea….yea….ughhh.”

Scott: “NO….DUDE…that’s just not pretty.”

Lexi: “Mmm. One down, one to go…”
Steph: “Come on Scottie…shoot yer load.”

Scott: “Piss off then.”
Scott: “Ughhh….yes yes yes….fuckkkkk!!!”

Lexi: “Mmmmm. Now I got what I wanted from you both…”

Scott: “Haha.”

Published by scottmacaskill31

Hi, I am a Writer and will be sharing my story here. I have been writing for 8 months and I rather enjoy it, so I hope you enjoy my work.

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