Jamie’s Domination – CTL

Lillie: Ok bad boy…let’s milk you…

Jamie: Haha…

Lillie: Oh you won’t be laughing in a minute.
Jamie: Ugh…..

Lillie: That feel good? 

Jamie: Mmm hmmm…

Lillie: Ready for the other room?

Jamie: Anither room?

Lillie: For clients like you…
*In the submission room* 

Jamie: Ugh…

Lillie: Are you ready to learn your lesson bad boy?
Lillie: This is a good cock Mr M…is it going to be good to me? Is it going to please me first?

Jamie: Uh…huh…mmmm….
Lillie: *Stroking his cock* Oh…it’s so hard for me….

Jamie: Ughhh…..

Lillie: You like the bondage?

Jamie: Aye…mmm.
Jamie: Ughhh….faster please Ma’am…

Lillie: No, I told you I will be pleased first. You’ll get your pleasure. *Squeezing his dick*

Jamie: Arghhh….
Lillie: Good boy…*Moaning*

Jamie: *Licking her*

Lillie: Does that taste good Mr M?

Jamie: (Hardly gan ti say it’s shit am I?) UH YEAH….

Jamie: Ugh….my cock is throbbing for this…

Lillie: Good! That’s what I like to hear big boy…
Jamie: Ugh….please….

Lillie: Please Mistress. Please play with my cock.

Jamie: Please Mistress. Play with my cock.
Jamie: Ughhhh….yes…..

Lillie: Don’t you cum yet slave.

Jamie: No Mistress.
Lillie: Are you going to let me do all the work?

Jamie: No Mistress.

Lillie: Fuck my tits…
Lillie: *Holding his pelvis down*

Jamie: Ugh…I can’t.

Lillie: That’s not good enough slave!

Jamie: *Trying to thrust* Mmmm…
Jamie: Ughh….ugh….*Cums everywhere*
Lillie: Mmm…that’s good…

Jamie: Wrong MacAskill again….

Lillie: Enjoy that?

Jamie: Aye….it wis good. Thanks.

Published by scottmacaskill31

Hi, I am a Writer and will be sharing my story here. I have been writing for 8 months and I rather enjoy it, so I hope you enjoy my work.

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