Ripping Off The Band-Aid -CTL

*Whips out his dick*

Katie’s POV…
Fuck yes. Definitely not disappointed. Haha he knows it too! 

Marc: Yeah yeah…I ken It’s big, it’s hard… Yi ken yi yer gan ti taste it… so go ahead *Chuckles*

Katie: Someone’s cocky. *smiling*
Marc: Ugh….that’s so good!!

*Katie continues sucking his cock*

Marc: Mmmm…turn round, I want some too!!
Katie: Ah! Mmm…
Marc: I ken am good…but fa told yi ti stop?
*Both moaning*

Katie: Fuck Babe you taste so good.

Marc: Mmmm…yeah baby

Marc: I really really really want ti fuck yi right now!!!
Marc: Let mi tak the shirt and tie aff…

Katie: *Grabbing his face* Mmm.. .No! The tie stays on!

Marc: Haha…
*Marc slides inside*

Marc: Fuck yes!!! 

Katie: Ah! Yes!!! 

Marc: Fuck…that pussy is tight!!

Katie: Ah! Yes!!!

Marc: Ughh….it’s so good…fuck!

*Katie gets on top*

Marc: Fuck yes…ride that fucking cock *Playing with her*
Marc: Fit yi wanting a kiss? A kiss has to be deserved…yi just bounce lass…mmmm
Katie: *Pushing him down* You will give me that kiss!
Marc: Ok ok…but I think…Um…FUCK!!! FUCK!!!! *Cumming* Ugh…. yeah…so…a kiss…

Katie: I definitely earned my kiss now!

*Continues riding him until she climaxes*

Marc: Ahh…come on…fuck!!!
Marc: Mmmm…um…I kinda forgot to wear a condom…thought I may hiv had mare time…*Sniggers*

Katie: No worries I’m on the pill. 

Marc: Arite…good.

Published by scottmacaskill31

Hi, I am a Writer and will be sharing my story here. I have been writing for 8 months and I rather enjoy it, so I hope you enjoy my work.

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