I win…Shit Happens -E8

Scott: Did yi hiv these cuffs the whole time? Under the pillow?

Peyton: Yes…

Scott: Uncuff mi NOW!

Peyton: Please…Ma’am…

Peyton: No… darling, YOU will be the one paying…
Scott: NO… no… ugh! (She fucking Cuffed me)

Marc: (Oh nice! Good for you. Enjoy! I’m busy)

Scott: (Cunt ! Yer nae busy! Yer jist pissed cuz I did it ti YOU)

Marc: (Mhmmm… Bye, bye Scottie…cum…grats on CUMsummating yer marriage after 2 year!)
Scott: Ugh… Fuck! 

Peyton: Aw see you like it. 

Sctt: Uh huh now uncuff me you BITCH!
Scott: Now yer gan ti get it. 

Peyton: Oh am I Sir?
Scott: Ugh… Fuck!

Peyton: FUCK ME SIR!!!

Scott: Fuck yes!!

Peyton: Ah! Yes! Fuck me hard!!
Marc: (Are yi nearly done? I’m actually grocery shopping…)

Scott: (Get mi doritos) Ugh yes….Fuck I love pulling this hair…need onyhin from the shop?

Peyton: WHAT?

Scott: Do  wi need onyhin?


Scott: (Milk…the blue one.)
Marc: (Yi owe mi $5.67)

Scott: Mmmm….what a tight bastard!! 

Peyton: WHAT??

Scott: MARC… WANTS $5.67….

Peyton: Ok…now is not the time? *Screaming* Can he hear me FUCK OFF MARCUS!!!

Scott: He canna hear yi…and that wis mi ear drum!
Scott: Come on baby squirt fir mi.

Peyton: Excuse me? After that stunt!
Scott: Come on dinna leave mi hanging…rub yersel fast baby…

Peyton: Mmmm….

Scott: Yeah that’s a good girl.. Keep going. 

Peyton: I can’t.

Scott: Yi can.

Peyton: No …I..
Peyton: Ugh Yes…WOAH!!!

Scott: Holy FUCK!!!!

Scott: Ugh fuck yes…That was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. 

Peyton: Yes I know your cum flew everywhere. 

Scott: So did yer piss. 

Published by scottmacaskill31

Hi, I am a Writer and will be sharing my story here. I have been writing for 8 months and I rather enjoy it, so I hope you enjoy my work.

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