Been Done Seen – Episode 3 – Plenty Fish In The Sea…

Scott: Yi like having it in yer mouth don’t yi?

Keira: Mhmm… 
Scott: Then you can hiv it all. *shoves all his cock in her mouth*

Keira: *Gagging* 

Scott: Yes! Yes! Take it all!
Keira: Now why don’t you show me what a real man can do to me?

Scott: (Wow….wow…she’s like a virgin!) 

Marc: (Jesus)

Scott: Aye Lass I’ll show yi fit yi missing oot on. How boot yi be a good Lassie and take at dress aff and ride this big cock.

Keira: Oooh.. *bites lip* Yes Sir.
Keira: *Climbing on top with tip in* Mmmm…

Scott: Slide doon. It’s jist the tip. 
Keira: *sliding all the way down* Ah!!! Fuck. 
Scott: Fuck… Lass. Yer pussy is so tight. Looks good bouncing on mi cock. 

Keira: You like that Big Boy?

Scott: Aye… I dee. Now get on all fours. I wanna fuck that arse!
Scott: *Sliding into her ass* Mmmmm…. Yes!

Keira: *gasps* Ah!

Scott: Only hurts at first Lass. I’ll be nice… dinna fash. 

Keira: *Wincing* Mhmmm…
*few minutes later*

Scott: Yi like hivin at big hard cock in yer ass?

Keira: Mhmmmm…. Yes.

Scott: Yes, fit?

Keira: Yes Sir!
Scott: Relax. 
Keira: *moaning* Yeah… ah… Fuck… (Seriously how am I going to get married next week….)
Scott: Am awa ti cum, yi got a Johnny?

Keira: Fuck no. I hate condoms… I’m on the pill. 

Scott: Good enough. 
Scott: *Pounding her pussy hard and fast til they climax* Mmmm… Fuck!!!

Keria: Ahhhh!…. YES FUCK!!! Mmmm…

Published by scottmacaskill31

Hi, I am a Writer and will be sharing my story here. I have been writing for 8 months and I rather enjoy it, so I hope you enjoy my work.

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