Whatever Next – E17 – Rip The Band-aid

Greg: I’ll scratch yers…yi scratch mine… (Shit he’s burned….)

Nick: Nice try… but there’s nothing scratch…
Greg: *Pulls Nick’s cock up* I tell yi now I’ll get it hard and throbbing…*Cupping his balls*

Nick: Oh… shit… (I AM NOT GAY…I haven’t been able to get it up since I was captured…. Now why is getting hard for this fucker?!)

Greg: *Kissing Nick* Jist…setting the mood…

Nick: That’s more than just an itch Gregor. 

Greg: Hmm…I’m a sucker fir romance…but not in literal terms there’s a line…I ain’t crossing it fir yer charred up cock.

Nick: Best get back then… *About to leave*
Greg: *Pulls him by his neck and pushes his cock inside* Yer nae gan no where.

Nick: Someone’s been taking lessons. Alright Gweg I’ll be a plastic bag for ya. 
Greg: *Bend his arms right up his back til it hurts* Jist shut the fuck up and take my shaft…

Nick: (Oh my…. He’s really trying)
Nick: *Flips them around in defence* Now you’re gonna be a good boy and take it. 

Greg: (That’s what I wanted in the first place..I need dominated…but he wis iver gan ti if I didn’t work him up ti it…) Hmmm….I da think so… 
*15 minutes later*

Nick: *Thrusting hard* I think you’re enjoying this too much. 

Greg: Shhh…I’m gan ti cum….fuck yes… *Climaxes* 

Nick: Ah… Ugh! Fuck!!! *Climaxes* 

Greg: Yer welcome Nicky… 

Nick: Fuck off

Greg: Jit helping repair yer cock…yi tell a fucking soul….

Nick: You’re kidding me? This one’s going to the grave,. 

Greg: *Whispers whiles kissing* I love him….

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Hi, I am a Writer and will be sharing my story here. I have been writing for 8 months and I rather enjoy it, so I hope you enjoy my work. https://www.facebook.com/ScottMacAskillStories

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